Why You Need Nutri-IQ?

Instant help when you need it:
  • Find and correct nutritional deficiencies that can mask themselves as brain fog, tension, fatigue, bloating etc.
  • Check epigenetic, cardiovascular, and immunity risks
  • Identify toxin exposures
  • Confirm histamine intolerance
Earn more as a wellness practitioner:
  • Nutri-IQ is a handy and reliable tool to jump-start Nutritionist career
  • Better and faster outcomes attract more clients, improve client satisfaction and retention
Save more:
  • Get instant and consistent results, i.e nutrient deficiency or epigenetic profile
  • Avoid trial-and-error while selecting expensive supplements to correct health problems
Reduce environmental footprint:
  • Run non-invasive tests from your computer
  • No more needles, skin pricks, sterilization, or waste

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Nutri-IQ: Like A Blood Test But Better!

Nutri-IQ™ Virtual Lab interprets body signs and symptoms as nutritional status and health risks.

Our tests are virtual, non-invasive, faster, cheaper, and even more consistent than regular tests, since we use your unique symptoms and rely upon findings from US National Institutes of Health and US National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

What can make you nutrient-deficient? Celiac disease (affecting 1% of the population, including members of British Royal Family), restrictive diet i.e. vegan or keto, or long-haul infection, to name a few. Join Nutri-IQ if any of that applies: window of opportunity to correct deficiencies may be small!


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Nutri-IQ offers the following services to the registered users:
  1. 24 hours of FREE access to all assessments
  2. Paid subscription to Nutritional Balance, Mental Health, Magnesium Deficiency, Histamine Intolerance, Salicylate Intolerance, Toxin Exposure and Epigenetic Profiler assessments
  3. Life-time FREE access to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
Choose a plan to better match your needs!
To support research and innovation during these trying times, we are slashing our prices. Don’t be late!
Your services become available immediately after completion of payment. You always may opt out of renewal or cancel your subscription immediately, for whatever reason. Sorry no returns or refunds.
By agreement with certain Nutri-IQ partners, we will apply a discount to your subscription plan.

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Nutri-IQ Virtual Lab: How It Works

1. Input nutritional data (i.e. supplements)
2. Identify bothering symptoms
3. Perform Analysis with Nutri-IQ™
4. Use Nutri-IQ™ Analysis results to fine-tune supplementation
5. Use Nutri-IQ™ Analysis results and Blog to adjust diet