Privacy Policy and Information Collection

Nutri-IQ is selling annual, semi-annula, and monthly subscriptions to our services. We provide services only to the registered customers. We also collect ours subscribers' profile information. The purpose of this information collection is to serve our subscribers better and have ability to connect with them if they require so.

To complete subscription, you must provide us with certain information, such as your name, email address, mailing address, and the details of the subscription that you’re ordering. We will not broadcast or sell your contact details. We will do our best to protect your information in our secure servers. Please note that Nutri-IQ is using third party payment services and hence will not store any financial information.

Nutri-IQ will automatically receive, record, and analyse information from your browser or your mobile device when you visit the Nutri-IQ site, such as your IP address or unique device identifier, cookies and data about which pages you visit in order to allow Nutri-IQ to operate and provide you with the services. Nutri-IQ may collect information about use of the services for advertising, analytics, to serve content and to protect the services, including your IP address, browser information (including referrers), device information (such as iOS IDFA, IDFV for limited non-advertising purposes, Android AAID, and, when enabled by you, location information provided by your device).

This information will be used to solely prevent fraud and abuse, and to keep Nutri-IQ services secure, to analyze and understand how they work for the site visitors, and to provide advertising, including across your devices, and a more personalised experience for the site visitors and registered subscribers.

We may also automatically collect device-specific information when you access or use Nutri-IQ services, as there is a limitation on the number of devices subscribers can use, and this information is critical for our site to function.

Nutri-IQ will be using data analytics to ensure further development of our services. Nutri-IQ will not link the information we store within the analytics software to any personally identifiable information that you submit.

At the point of registration or any time later on, you may opt out of any future communication from Nutri-IQ, and we absolutely understand that.

Intellectual Property Policy

Nutri-IQ is a trademark of Nutri-IQ, Inc. Using any conclusions, recommendations, or publications without proper agreement with Nutri-IQ is a violation of intellectual property law, and will be prosecuted in the court of law. In case of any violation or misuse, Nutri-IQ reserves the right to terminate an account immediately, and seek legal satisfaction without issuing a refund.

Intended Use Policy/Service Disclaimer

The consultations provided by Nutri-IQ services do not replace conventional doctor's advice, or treatment, or legal advice. Recommendations are derived based on statistical analysis and best practices of North America Physicians community and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Due to privacy concerns and the insecure nature of email, please do not send medical, insurance, or financial information via email.

Affiliate Marketing

Nutri-IQ is pleased to offer affiliate marketing opportunity. Please read carefully this Agreement.

  1. Admission to Nutri-IQ Affiliate Marketing Program.
    Upon completion of the Program Questionnaire, the Program Administrator will contact you with the details.
    Please note that you will need to submit written notification to Program Administrator to cancel this Agreement.
  2. Commission amount.
    The set percent of the sale price after discount (applied according to your personal discount code) will be credited to your account. In case of recurring payments, the commission will be assigned for each payment. You will be notified about each commission you made. You will be responsible to report them accordingly to a taxation body in your country of residence.
    Please note that Nutri-IQ will progressively increase your commission after each 100 sales.
  3. Marketing channels.
    You can start promoting Nutri-IQ tool as soon as you receive confirmation from Program Administrator. For the marketing purposes, you can utilize any of your marketing channels, social media and marketing accounts except those explicitly belonging to Nutri-IQ. Repeated failure to comply will lead to expelling from the program and forfeiting the payments.
  4. Commission payments.
    Please note that at this moment, we can only submit commission payments to valid PayPal accounts. Failure to provide a valid PayPal account while registering for the program will result in forfeited payments and cancellation of your participation after 2 (two) unsuccessful attempts to pay.

Nutri-IQ provides Health Care services and as such reserves the right to deny services to unsupervised minors.