So, What is Nutritional Balance?

Simply said, nutritional balance (sometimes called nutritional homeostasis or nutritional harmony) is a balance of the essential and non-essential nutrients in the human body that allows it to function in the optimum way.

Western world suffers from great many diseases, and most of them are either preventable, or well manageable by nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances represent risk factors contributing to fertility issues, epidemics of auto-immune diseases, and proliferating stress effects.

Now let’s imagine we disrupt this balance, with toxins, stress, or poor diet. What will happen? The body that will not be able to function properly in optimum way, will give some signals (symptoms) for a while, and eventually the problems snowball to a disease.


Nutritional imbalances even may mask themselves as severe diseases getting treated without visible results. The doctors blame patients for incompliance, the patients are depressed and frustrated for the lack of results (but not for the lack of side effects!).

One of the most obvious examples is deficiency of vitamin B12 (anemia) mistaken for COPD in older population. Anemic person has decreased capacity of the blood to carry oxygen and thus has may have shortness of breath. In this case, application of "golden standard" corticosteroids for COPD will be not effective and even counterproductive, no matter what the dose is.

Why Clients See Wellness Professionals?

Wellness practitioners (nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, health coaches) often see clients who are frustrated by the lack of results from prior treatments. They come to us since we, as Wellness Professionals, have a constellation of alternative tools. We ask and listen to long lists of fleeting symptoms the client experiences. And we try our best to help the client.

Why Wellness Professionals Must Worry about Nutritional Balance and Toxins?

Because the client already tried many things and they did not work! It is extremely feasible to know your client nutritional status and level of toxicity before proceeding with complex, expensive and may be – again – futile approaches.

But more often than not, we cannot consistently and reliably attribute those symptoms to nutritional imbalances or toxins influence as our hands are tied. Many designations do NOT allow to order nutritional, heavy metal, or other toxin blood panel test (examples: nutritionist, personal trainer, health coach, wellness consultant).

Why Clients May Leave Your Practice?

Working with a Wellness Professional may be a costly and frustrating undertaking for the client.


  • Client does not get resolution at all, or resolution is not fast enough.
  • Inconsistent recommendations based on the guess-work require the client to come back for "fixed approach" over and over again.
  • Client may not want to spend a fortune on nutritional panel blood testing that can cost to the client as much as a small car ($400 times number of visits)!
  • Even when a test is ordered, wait time is several weeks.

What’s the outcome? Right… client leaves your practice.

So, before diving into fixing complex client’s problems that were labelled but not resolved by other methods, let’s try to change the angle of view. With our COPD example – what if this were just vitamin B12 deficiency?

How Do I Assess Nutritional Balance using Nutri-IQ™ Method?


To implement this simple process, proceed to "Virtual Lab" section of the website. This section is only available to subscribed clients.

All you need to do is to follow 6 simple steps:

  1. Input supplements your client takes
  2. Identify symptoms bothering your client (either directly or by body system classification)
  3. Perform Nutritional Balance/Toxin Exposure Analysis with Nutri-IQ™
  4. Use Nutri-IQ™ Blog to fine-tune client’s diet
  5. Use Nutri-IQ™ Analysis results to fine-tune supplementation
  6. Print out or save Nutri-IQ™ suggestions
  8. EXAMPLE: The client was diagnosed with Bradycardia (very slow heart rhythm) about 5 years ago. Though the reason was not identified, as a prevention measure, his doctor recommended him to avoid eating some foods high in Potassium (i.e. bananas). He had very good exercise tolerance, but numbness in extremities really bothered him. His doctor also recommended to take vitamin D. It caused no changes to his major concern, numbness.

We decided to conduct Nutritional Balance Analayis. The input was very easy, with the help of Nutri-IQ™ prompts. Took less than a minute!


The system provided INSTANT results, confirming – of course – conclusions from the doctor, but also suggesting wider range of foods to be cautious about, AND identifying surprising nutrient (vitamin B5) deficient in the client’s body:


Pdf print-out has recording of all information provided at the time of the assessment, interprets the results and dietary suggestions, and can be stored in the Practitioner’s system.

Based on those results, client’s diet and supplementation can be easily fixed.


Following recommendations provided by Nutri-IQ™ Artificial Intelligence engine, the client got rid of his numbness in 4 weeks!

Do you still have any questions? We hope that the answers below provide some clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: In the first section where you input your client’s supplements - what if a supplement is not listed?

    A: Assuming you don’t see something on drop-down it’s not captured by Nutri-IQ yet. The tool needs to be augmented, and we plan to expand the list of supplements/nutrients in the nearest future.

  2. Q: A vitamin B complex or a probiotic are not included.

    A: We are only working with essential Nutrients now. For Supplements, we need you to input Nutrients content.

  3. Q: Is it possible to generate/download a list of the symptoms that I could use to create an intake form that client will complete? Can I also download/create the list of symptoms by body system?

    A: We collapsed information on the screen as much as possible to be handy. As there is 300 symptoms which need to be presented on one page, and there will be more, this is the most handy form for your inputs. If you type a symptom in and nothing is here, most likely this symptom has nothing to do with essentials nutrient problems. We doubt a client has time to go through the whole list of symptoms (may take up to 40 min, especially given special terms!!!). When you as a Practitioner perform you regular Intake, as a result you know where some symptoms are. So you have options to either go by the body system or type in identified problems directly.

  4. Q: What are the recommendations of supplements based on?

    A: You recommend supplements based on identified deficiencies and your philosophy. For example, you know that your client does not eat meat and shows deficiency of a nutrient, then you try to go to the Blog and read article about B12 to pick vegan options for the foods with suitable vitamin content. If that’s insufficient as per your opinion, then you can recommend a supplement.

  5. Q: From my understanding, this tool is to provide recommendations for supplements only. Diet and lifestyle recommendations are outside of this tool’s scope. Is that correct?

    A: As of now, Nutri-IQ tool does not discuss lifestyle changes. Dietary considerations are covered in the Blog. There is an article about each essential nutrient which would show RDA/AI, recommended medical tests if deficiency/toxicity is suspected, and of course list of foods with nutrient content.