Magnesium (Mg) Status Assessment

  • Cofactor in over 600 enzymatic reactions
  • Regulates vital biochemical processes in the body and works synergetically with other nutrients
    • sodium, potassium, and calcium homeostasis;
    • maintains impulse conduction, blood pressure, heart rhythm, and muscle contraction;
    • maintains normal brain functoning.
  • Only 1% of body madnesium is contained in extracellular fluids
  • Sub-clinical deficiency is wide-spread but is difficult to detect
  • Symptomatic deficiency due to low dietary intake is rare in healthy people
  • Excessive magnesium may cause diarrhea, bone destruction, growth of tumor cells

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Identified risk factors

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Risk Factors for Magnesiuum Deficiency: Suspected Mg Imbalance Symptoms:



Reduce or temporary stop intake of the following supplements:
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Reduce consumption of foods with the following nutrients:
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Magnesium Recomended Intake and the Best Foods
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Ensure RDA compliance for foods/supplements with the following nutrients:
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